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it's 2011 tomr, so i decided, hey, let's see how i've been living life in 2010.

this year has definitely got to be the best so far among my secondary school life.
lotsa memorable stuff and fun moments.
especially with 2E2'10. :)
this year has also been the fastest year.
it passed, like a blink. it's so fast, i can't even count my fingers and the year has ended (this doesn't mean my math is bad but it's still bad)

im going to a new class next year.. 3E3...
gonna have to make new friends...
learn new subjects...
get my identification card next year...
and deal with stupid physics. :|

i never expected myself to be already 15.
which also means i'll be getting my ic next year.
and i've been telling everyone that i felt old. hhahaha.

bigbang's comeback is next year!
seungri's gonna have his own mini album instead of a digital single.
daesung's drama's gonna air next year.
bigbang's coming back with an awesome album next year. :)
i'm so excited!~~ 
and i've waited for bout 2years. haha.

homin's having their album next year too.
haven't got down to buying a copy
since i'm so broke.
jyj's having their new korean album next year too.
but not confirmed on which day.
i'm just pretty confused how i'm feeling bout them now.

superjunior's ....
well, heechul and teukie's going to the army next year too.
i wonder what's gonna happen to the rest...

this sounds more like a post for 2011 instead of 2010. hahaha.

it's the 2nd time i'm watching all the gayo daejuns. :)
suddenly remembered how i 'watched' them last year with jaslyn. hahaha.

this year,
i saw shinee, beast, ukiss, jyj, hankyung
and lotsa other people that i dont remember atm. XD
and also, spent lots of money. lol.

had a whale of a time with 2E2,
in malacca,
in east coast park,
in kallang while kayaking.
it's been really awesome this year.

i hope i would enjoy 2011 as much as i did with 2010.
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